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Tetun (also spelled Tetum) is the main language spoken in Timor Leste, and the most useful to learn if you plan to travel there.

The best way you can learn a language is through face to face classes and in country living with native speakers. Unfortunately time and finances sometimes means this is not possible for everyone. This website also provides online language courses to fill that gap, and help people get a good grounding in the Tetun language.

Online Courses (Self Study)

Advanced Tetun

40 modules, 5 activities per module



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Tetun for Medical Professionals

19 lessons


Tutor Katrina Langford


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Tetun Course Level 1

10 lessons, 8.5 hours of video online

Tutor Katrina Langford


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Online Courses With A Tutor

Currently there are no courses scheduled. Please join our mailing list to be notified of future courses, or contact us to express interest.

Book and CD Tetun Language Pack

This is the level 1 Tetun book pack, which includes the Diak ka lae course book, Tetun – English wordfinder, and audio CD which has recordings of the readings from the course.

The course book consists of 10 chapters, each chapter containing some grammar concepts, a word list, two readings and some exercises. The course topics include basic phrases, questions, negation (no/not), family, time and numbers, the market, the body/health, directions, and more. This book is used in both online and face to face courses run by timorlink

Please note: This price includes $40 for the book pack, and $14 for shipping (Australia wide)

Authors Katrina Langford


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