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Welcome to Timorlink’s Learn Tetun Website.

The place where you can learn Tetun online, at your own pace, in your own time!

Tetun (also spelled Tetum) is the main language spoken in Timor Leste, and the most useful to learn if you plan to travel there.

The best way you can learn a language is to go and learn in country, speaking with native speakers. If you are unable to do this, face to face language classes are the next best option. Unfortunately time and finances sometimes means this is not possible for everyone. This website has been created to help fill that gap, and help people get a good grounding in the Tetun language.

This website will continue to be updated with new courses and course content. Currently, the level 1 course is available online, while level 2 and Tetun for Medical Practitioners courses will be uploaded as soon as they are ready.

The course cost for all online courses is $150, which includes a book pack (course book, CD, and Tetun-English word finder). If you have already completed other courses with Timorlink, you can receive discounted access to the online courses.

For further information or to enrol in any of the online courses email Katrina at timorlink@hotmail.com

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